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Hugs from Hughes!

I read a lot  to balance the insanity of a couple tear-around-the-house grandcats (*crash* skitter skitter), a husband who reads anything and everything at the speed of light, and two adults who are still my kids.

My husband is my partner. I met him in high school music theory class. He walked in and I thought he was the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen, the Man of My Dreams. Then he opened his mouth and promptly got into an argument with another kid. Eventually I figured out real-life guys are much better than dream-guysa lot more work, but worth it.

AllCoversI am incredibly grateful for my readers, and for the writing community. Your support means everything.

I've worked as everything from a cleaning temp to a project manager for global clients. Currently I'm a musician, computer consultant and author. I live in the United States Midwest.

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