Twice Shy cover

Falling on for the Billionaire

(was Twice Shy)

Contemporary romance. Fun, short, and sensual.

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Can tripping over your own feet lead to falling…in love?

Media superstar and billionaire Zan Sinclair runs with a rich, exclusive set, thanks to his hit communications show, Revealing Secrets. But he’s tired of high-gloss, meaningless dates. He just wants to meet a nice woman—like sweet Dr. Vicky Brooks, sister of his international model ex-girlfriend, Ronnie.

He texts Ronnie to arrange a casual meeting at the CommuniCon convention in Kansas City. Problem is, Ronnie gets the wrong idea. She thinks Zan wants to get back together with her.

When Vicky’s twin wants help winning back an ex-boyfriend, kindhearted Vicky can’t say no. But Ronnie’s ex is Vicky’s longtime crush, smart, sexy Dr. Alexander Sinclair. Now the safe-from-afar crush is shockingly real, making her heart pound, making her want…more.

How can Vicky and Zan finally meet…and more…without sending Ronnie into a jealous rage? Worse, will Zan’s posh friends ever accept shy Vicky?

Thanks to EJR Digital Art for the beautiful cover and Blue Otter Editing for the final polish!


"Zan is a great heroI love Ms. Hughes writing.  This is my first true contemporary from her and it won’t be my last." ~Harlie, Harlie's Books

 "Escape for a couple hours…I highly recommend this book." ~Amy Brantley, A Girl and Her Kindle

Large, warm hands righted her. Vicky sat for a moment on oaken male thighs, simply getting her breath back. Palms burned through the yellow dress, branding her ribs.

Good heavens. She was in Sinclair's lap. His legs were under hers, his muscled torso pressed against her side. Her mouth was level with his...her body burned. Mortified, she wiggled to get off him.

His hands tightened. The dress was slippery, and her wriggling slid his hand smack into the undercurve of her breast.

A breast that suddenly was stiff and full. She squeaked. "I...I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize," he growled. His eyes were very dark indeed, pupils fully dilated. She could see the brush of individual hairs in his eyebrows, the long, thick lashes... 

The curtain opened again. "Well? What are you waiting for--?"

Vicky swiveled to see Ronnie's face morph from annoyed to stunned.

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