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Edie and the CEO

Contemporary romance. Fun, short, and sensual.

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Passionate Edie Rowan wants to make her Sixties protester grandparents proud. But championing the little guy gets her in trouble with sexy CEO Everett Kirk. Kirk is Mr. Ultra-Executive with his rich suits and eyes the steel blue of a finely tempered sword.

Edie’s latest disaster, a teambuilding exercise gone facepalm wrong, leads to a knockdown drag-out with rival manager Bethany “The B”—or add the “Itch”—Blondelle. It’s the last straw for Kirk. He sends Edie to management camp and to her shock, announces he’ll drive her there himself.

Eighteen hours alone with Kirk’s sparkling white smile and killer dimple? How will Edie resist his smooth charm? Then a snowstorm forces them to seek shelter in an empty mountain cabin and she’s alone with a lot more than his smile.

A corporate backstabber is trying to eject Everett from his job. He should be frantic at being stranded. But Edie’s fiery personality and fine dark eyes make him want to play the mountain man for her. Even their bickering warms to banter. Their extended stay rubs them together in all sorts of ways, kindling emotional and physical flames until their corporate shells burn away. Secrets are revealed that seem harmless…until Edie and Everett return to civilization.

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Reviews for Edie and the CEO

AJ RR"Edie and the CEO by Mary Hughes is a pure delight. The dialogue is fresh, fun, and witty, the suspense is just enough to pique your curiosity, and the love is so endearing that it will make your heart sing…This is one magnificent story that you don’t want to miss. Bravo Ms. Hughes! You’ve hit a home run with Edie and the CEO and I’ll definitely be recommending it to my friends." ~AJ For Blackraven's Reviews

Purest Delight"I have come to associate the writing of Mary Hughes with being fun, exciting and a little naughty. Edie and the CEO was no exception. A little mystery, a little fun and a whole lot of love." ~Kitty Angel for Guilty Pleasures Book Review

"…from the get-go, I was laughing out loud…continue to gush over this book…" ~ Dee's Book Blog

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"Sexy, fast-paced and fun." ~Amy Brantley, A Girl and Her Kindle

He's the BossEdie and the CEO is is the new Box Set He's the Boss!

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It's always sexy when he runs the company . . . but she commands his heart. These 10 couples know exactly what suits them and where to draw the line between business and pleasure. Find out who's boss on these perfect lunchtime breaks!

An excerpt from

Edie and the CEO

Copyright 2013 Mary Hughes All rights reserved — a Crimson Romance publication

Edie wants to make her 60s protester grandparents proud. But championing the little guy gets her in trouble with sexy CEO Everett Kirk. Someone's trying to force Everett out of his job, and Edie's latest escapade hasn't helped. A snowstorm and an empty cabin makes them confront their attraction.

Enjoy this excerpt from Edie and the CEO

“Other people are trying to work, Edie.” Bethany went for the kill. “Keep your hooligans under control or I’m going to have to tell Mr. Kirk.”

Edie suppressed a moan. Of all the straight-laced overbearing big shots at HHE, Edward Everett Kirk, president and CEO, was the biggest, straight-laciest. Like laced corsets...naughty corsets in Kirk’s competent hands—

“The way you two fight, it’s only a matter of time before he gets fed up and fires you.” Mme La B’itch drew a red-enameled nail across her slim throat.

Edie winced. “It’s called ‘corporate unfriending’ now. And I couldn’t help the janitor incident. Or the thing with the Super Soaker. Look, I’ll talk to my people. Just cut us some slack, okay? We’ve been working ridiculous hours.”

“Edie, you idiot. Has it ever occurred to you that your ridiculous hours are because of you?”

Them’s fightin’ words. Edie raised narrowed eyes. “I beg your pardon?”

Bethany leaned knuckles on the desk. “Only one kind of project manager confuses effort with efficiency: a bad one.”

“Enough.” Edie jumped to her feet, nearly head-butting Bethany. “Outside. Now.”

“And freeze my butt off? Hardly.” Bethany’s nose was inches from Edie’s. “You have absolutely no decorum, do you? That shouldn’t surprise me, considering the hippies who raised you.”

Edie lost it. “My grandparents were heroes! They fought for what they believed in, rallied at protest marches—”

“Pretty stories. Your grandpa was a long-haired unwashed bum. Your grandma wasn’t much better than a free love hooker.”

Edie snarled. “Now you listen here, you b—”

“If Mr. Kirk were here—”

“Mr. Kirk,” a deep voice rang with power, “is here. And I want to know what, precisely, is going on.”

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