Black Diamond Jinn

Black Diamond Jinn

(A Hot SF/Fantasy Novella)

2012 Mary Hughes
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Thanks to Valerie Tibbs for her stunning cover art!

Have sex, avert doom, save the world.

The Mayan Doom is real. Government witch Amaia Jones has the spreadsheet to prove it.

Amaia is a research wizard living uncomfortably in the shadow of her famous Venus-magic parents. Then she discovers the world is ending. Tonight. Her bulldog of a boss not only refuses to believe her, he won't give her the secret to calling the one force powerful enough to help—the jinn. Amaia turns to her mental guardian angel, Rafe, the darkly handsome presence who has comforted her since her parents died.

Rafe has a secret of his own. He's a black diamond jinni, the deadliest and most powerful of his kind. An enemy is ruthlessly using blood sacrifice to stoke Y12 public panic. But Rafe can't get into the human realm to stop the Doom unless Amaia calls him, and she is threatened by his scorching sensuality.

Amaia's guardian angel is a stunning jinni and suddenly her job is far more complicated. Jinn take their pound of flesh in exchange for magical help, but the only flesh Rafe wants is hers, taut with delight. Sounds great, except Venus magic is what killed her parents' love. But with four hours to go on humanity's darkest night, the only alternative to surrendering her flesh may be surrendering her life.

This title contains explicit sexual language and may not be suitable for all readers.

An excerpt from

Black Diamond Jinn
(A Hot SF/Fantasy Novella)

Copyright 2012 Mary Hughes All rights reserved

I stared up, and up, at six and a half feet of hard male.

He stood before me, fists on hips. Loose pants barely covered him, riding low on those taut hips. Nothing at all covered his granite chest, a flawless bare canvas for the flame tattoo licking one pec.

"Oh my God. You're real."

He was the Rafe of my imagination, but sharper, leaner. Harder. Dreamy chest muscles jutted fiercely in reality; six-pack abs were hard boulders. His well-cut mouth and square jaw were honed to an almost cruel degree. His black hair, bound in a braid, cascaded over his chest, the tail teasing the dent of his navel.

Black diamond eyes gleamed with an inhuman intelligence, a brilliance that encompassed galaxies. In them blazed a will that could defy the stars and a power that could wipe out entire civilizations, and perhaps had.

Those eyes marked him as jinn.

I swallowed hard. My guardian angel was a powerful jinni--and stunning in more ways than one. Physically compelling, haloed in a beautiful, deadly magic, the reality of him raked me with feelings from joy to heart-pounding terror--and instant arousal.

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